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Our extreme flexibility allows us to meet the requirements of several sectors, where apertured films and laminates for filtration are needed to a support other materials. Working together with our customers we can study the best blends for specific applications.

New production line

We installed a new line based on our own exclusive and proprietary technology for 3 Dimensional vacuum and mechanical perforation. The new line has added a yearly capacity of over 72 mil sqm of film, more than 20% is already booked by our Customers.

The installation of the new production machine has been made possible by the market success of the following products:

  • Double 3D apertured Extreme poly film with the performance of perforated poly and the softness of nonwoven
  • 3D perforated nonwoven with high tri-dimensional characteristics
  • Apertured poly film and nonwoven Laminate
  • Classic apertured poly film in different patterns (square, circular, pentagonal, elliptical etc...) with very low basic weight
extra value for innovative films

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